You can get the iPhone XS Price from RM4,799 in Malaysia 0 6807

Apple has yet to announce the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max officially in Malaysia but a couple of retailers have started offering imported units since last weekend. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the latest and greatest iPhone models, the iPhone XS can be yours from RM4,799.

Retailer Satu Gadget Dot Com is offering the iPhone XS 64GB for RM4,799. According to their product page, this is an Apple Singapore unit and they are offering the device in both Gold and Space Grey.

If you’re looking for more options, DirectD is offering the complete iPhone XS range and you can even get it with dual-SIM slots for the iPhone XS Max. Below is their complete price list for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max:

iPhone XS (Dual E-Sim) Hong Kong set ‘SEALED BOX’
iPhone XS (64GB) – RM4,888
iPhone XS (256GB) – RM5,688
iPhone XS (512GB) – RM6,588

iPhone XS Max (Actual Dual Sim Slot) Hong Kong set ‘SEALED BOX’
iPhone XS Max (64GB) – RM5,388
iPhone XS Max (256GB) – RM6,288
iPhone XS Max (512GB) – RM7,388

iPhone XS Max (Dual E-Sim) Singapore set ‘OPEN BOX’
iPhone XS Max (256GB) – RM5,988
iPhone XS Max (512GB) – RM6,988

All models are available in Gold, Space Grey and Silver. Do note that these are imported units from Hong Kong and Singapore, which comes with a 3-pin power adapter in the box. For more info, you can check out DirectD’s iPhone XS listing.

To refresh your memory, the iPhone XS is an incremental update of the iPhone X. While it shares a similar exterior, it runs on a newer 7nm Apple A12 Bionic Chip. It still retains a dual 12MP setup but it actually uses a new camera sensor that has a larger 1.4-micron pixel size for better low light performance. Apple has also added depth-control for portrait mode as well as a new Smart HDR feature.

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The iPhone XS Max is their larger alternative with a 6.5″ screen and it also comes with a larger 3,174mAh battery. You can learn more about the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in our recap post. If you haven’t seen it yet, do check out our iPhone XS hands-on video below:

The official Malaysian release should be happening soon and we think it could go on sale as early as mid-October based on last year’s release. Several telcos have started teasing the iPhone XS on their website and both models have also gotten the green light from SIRIM. – Soya Cincau

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Apple perkenal generasi baharu ‘Mac’ 0 12413

Apple Ungkap Aplikasi di iOS dan iPad Bakal Bisa Berjalan di Mac

Kuala Lumpur: Buat pertama kali, Apple memperkenalkan cip pemproses mereka tersendiri di bawah Apple Silicon iaitu ‘Apple M1’ yang menggunakan binaan pemproses 5 nanometer (nm).

Pemproses termaju industri berkenaan berasaskan kepada ARM dan menawarkan gabungan CPU lapan teras serta unit pemproses grafik (GPU) lapan teras termasuk ‘Neural Engine’ 16 teras.

Apple juga memperkenalkan siri baharu untuk generasi ‘MacBook’ dalam satu majlis pengenalan maya yang diadakan awal pagi tadi bertemakan ‘One More Thing’.

Dalam pengenalan berkenaan, siri MacBook Air, Mac Mini dan MacBook Pro diperkenalkan dengan menggunakan cip pemproses Apple sekali gus menjadi produk pertama yang menggunakan cip berkenaan.

Untuk MacBook Pro, peranti berkenaan hadir dengan skrin keluasan 13 inci yang menawarkan keupayaan memori (RAM) sehingga 16GB serta sokongan storan 2TB.

Paling mengagumkan, penggunaan cip berasaskan rekaan 5nm berkenaan mampu untuk memberi jangka hayat bateri lebih lama sehingga 20 jam kepenggunaan.

MacBook Pro masih didatangkan dengan papan kekunci Magic Keyboard selain dilengkapi dengan bar sesentuh (touch bar) di bahagian atas papan kekunci seperti generasi sebelumnya.

Sesuai dengan kemajuan teknologi hari ini, MacBook Pro menyokong jaringan Internet Tanpa Wayar (WiFi) selain sokongan USB 4.

Pada masa sama, Apple juga memperbaharui MacBook Air mereka dengan pemproses pertama syarikat berkenaan dan hasil kemajuan cip berkenaan, bateri peranti ini mampu untuk bertahan lebih 18 jam.

Tanda harga untuk MacBook Pro bermula pada harga RM5,599 dan MacBook Air pula bermula RM4,399 mengikut padanan spesifikasi. – Harian Berita

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