How to cook Dabai paste? 0 7063

First, you need to cook up some dabai and remove the seed. Next, heat up some oil in a wok. When the oil is hot enough, add the dabai flesh.

Frying the Dabai

frying the dabai in oil

Lower the flame and begin to smash down the dabai flesh as it cooks. Add more oil as needed to keep the mashed dabai from burning and sticking to the wok.

Smashing the Dabai into Paste

smashing the dabai into paste

Continuously smash and turn the dabai mash until it becomes a chunky paste and takes on a deep red color and the aroma of the dabai is released. Season with salt and a bit of dark soy sauce to taste.

Seasoning and Finishing the Dabai Paste

seasoning and finishing the dabai paste

Once you’ve got it to the taste you prefer, cook for another five minutes, then remove. You can pack the dabai paste away in a jar to use later – it will keep in the fridge for weeks. Reserve the leftover oil – Whatever you fry it with will take on some of the dabai flavors. – from House of Annie

Finished Dabai Paste and Oil

finished dabai paste and oil

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Sambal tumis sotong petai 0 5801

  • Ingredients: 1 bowl 碗 sotong (squid) 苏冬(墨鱼)
  • 1 bowl 碗 petai (stinky bean) 臭豆
  • 1/2 bowl 碗 oil 油 ( for blending 搅碎用)
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