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Known for the site where the oldest human remains were discovered in Southeast Asia, Niah National Park has lots to offer to both its day and overnight visitors. The park itself has multiple caves with impressive and archeological sites.

The surrounding area has dense primary rain forest which is home to many species of plants and wildlife. In the evening, visitors get to take a romantic walk in the moonlight and be serenaded by the symphony of sounds from the rainforest. Attractions at Niah National Park as below:


Niah Cave a collective name for 8 main caves located within Niah-Subis limestone massif. Learn More

Bird ’s Nest

Half million swiftlets that live in the cave make their nests purely from their own salivary secretions. When the nests are cleaned and cooked, they are known as the famous birds nest soup, which is as highly regarded in Chinese cuisine as caviar is in the West. You will notice strategically positioned bamboo poles and ladders in the cave buried vertically. Birds nest collector will then climb up the bamboo ladders to harvest the birds nest. Local people have practiced this dangerous occupation for generations to earn a living.


There are 5 well maintain trails (Madu Trail, Bukit Kasut Trail, Great Cave Trail, Painted Cave Trail, Tangap’s Trail – Trail lead to homestay Rh.Panjang Patrick Libau) which gives access to Niah’s place of interest. Trekking range from easy to tough. The trails are well marked, for tough trails we marked with colours . Learn More

Flora and Fauna

It is worth taking your time and walking quietly along the way, as you may well see some of the park’s wildlife. If you leave the Great cave and return along the plank walk around clouds intermingling, you can see half a million of swiftlets are returning to their nests.

Diversity richness of Flora and Fauna

  • 75 sp. Of mammal (i.e 23 sp of bats and 16 endemic to Borneo)

Identified as habitat of remaining population of Naked bats (Cheiromeles torquartus) in Sarawak.

  • 241 sp. Of birds (57 near threatened)
  • 104 sp. Of reptilian & anphibian (10 endemic)
  • 334 sp. Of tree from 100 family identified.

Entrance Fees

Niah National Park Entrance Fees

To learn more about Niah National Park, please visit the Official Website at or contact us as below:

(Monday – Sunday including Public Holidays)
⏲️ VISITING HOURS : 8.00am to 5.00pm
📍 ADDRESS : 98200 Miri, Sarawak
☎️ TEL : (+6) 085 737450 / 737454


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Pendapatan pelancongan Sarawak turun 68 peratus 0 4370

Pendapatan pelancongan Sarawak turun 68 peratus
KUCHING: Sarawak mengalami penurunan drastik 68 peratus pendapatan sektor pelancongan dalam tempoh Januari hingga September 2020 berbanding tempoh sama tahun lalu.
Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Lembaga Pelancongan Sarawak (STB) Sharzede Datu Salleh Askor berkata, perkara itu dilihat akibat kesan pandemik COVID-19.
Menurutnya, Sarawak hanya menjana RM 2.78 bilion setakat September 2020 berbanding RM 8.67 bilion tahun sebelumnya.
“Nilai resit pelancongan kita sehingga kini adalah RM 2.78 bilion, Januari hingga September tahun ini. Tahun lalu lebih tinggi tetapi sasaran kami untuk tahun ini ialah RM 3.56 bilion,” ujar Sharzede ketika diwawancara khas di pejabatnya baru-baru ini.
Selari dengan itu, jumlah pelawat memasuki negeri itu juga telah menurun sebanyak 65 peratus iaitu sebanyak 1.15 juta setakat september 2020.
Jelas Sharzede, biarpun STB telah mengubah strategi dan sasaran pelawat kepada 1.4 juta, trend peningkatan kes COVID-19 seluruh negara pada waktu ini menyukarkannya untuk dicapai.
Tambahnya lagi, kaedah perniagaan dan pemasaran pemain industri yang tidak mengadaptasi keadaan semasa juga menjadi punca penurunan itu.
Justeru ujar beliau, bagi mengatasi masa yang mencabar ini, pemain industri perlu menerima norma baharu dan menyesuaikan perniagaan mereka dengan trend pasaran.
“Saya fikir kita harus berani berdepan fakta yang kita mesti berubah sama ada suka atau tidak. Kita harus mengubah cara menjalankan perniagaan. Ubah cara kita melihat perkara.
“Dan sekiranya anda memilih pasaran khusus yang anda mahukan dengan harga yang tinggi maka anda mesti memberikan perkhidmatan yang setimpal dengan jumlah itu. Orang ramai sangat celik, sangat sensitif terhadap harga sekarang terutama pada masa sukar ini,” katanya. – Astro Awani
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